Mike Windhom’s Old Wood provides exceptional service to customers before, during and after the sale. Guaranteed delivery and personal follow up are some of Mikes’ trademarks. We make every effort to ensure prompt delivery, that the material is as we advertised it and customer satisfaction. Here are what some of our customers have said about our service and products.

Sharon and George Bensch

The floor and beams of this home were provided by Mike Windhom’s Old Wood. The photos below show how lumber reclaimed from old growth forrests can be used to substantially beautify your home. Mr. and Mrs. Bensch are delighted with their floors and beams and wrote Mike to show him the results of this services – their comments are with the photos.

Rusty Wallace

Mike supplied an exceptional floor for Rusty’s home in North Carolina. Mr. Wallace was very pleased with the wood and Mike’s services.

B. Don Nelson

Mike helped to find and ship the old wormy chestnut wood to Mr. Nelson to help him recreate his room. – The letter is with the photos

Letters clients have written complementing Mike’s work.

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