Tobacco Wood

We are dedicated to the preservation of our remaining forests and sincerely believe they should be left as a legacy to our future. Our unique wood comes from tobacco barns unused since the 1970’s due to changes in the drying and curing processes. Charcoal fires in the tobacco barns would burn at temperatures ranging from 100 to 180 degrees. the patina from the curing tobacco penetrates the wood as much as three-eighths of an inch.

Our company carefully dismantles these obsolete tobacco barns, ranging from 50 to 200 years old. After the boards are planed to the proper thickness, they are then tongued-and-grooved and delivered ready for installation. Great care is taken in the finishing process to take off just enough wood to give the floor a smooth finish without removing the natural beauty of the wood itself.

The color is all natural. no stains or dyes are used to provide this rich coloring. Change the appearance of any room or office with the type of wood you choose. Our recycled wood is available in Antique Pine, Gum, Oak, Cypress, Poplar and other species. The tobacco barns were built during a period when trees had a diameter of 3 to 4 feet compared to the trees used today which have a much smaller diameter. The standard widths available are 3″, 5″, 7″, 9″ and 11″. Wider widths are also available. Lengths range from 4′ up to 30′. We suggest using random widths and lengths to get a true antique appearance.

Each barn is registered with the North Carolina tobacco industry. With each purchase you will receive a photograph of the barn from which your wood came, to provide you with a little piece of history.

Be it a traditional or contemporary home, or a commercial showroom, nothing will enhance the floor better than our Tobaccowood customized floor. Imagine, a quality floor that starts out 50-200 years old, recycled, graded, milled to our exacting standards! Each floor is as different as the forest in which it grew! No two pieces alike. After installation and finishing, the unique quality of your floor is unmatched in the entire world!

No two floors are alike. The rich warm glow of this custom floor is unequaled in the world of wood flooring.
Along with the beautiful flooring, we offer a complete line of moldings, doors, stair parts, ceilings and paneling. We also offer a complete line of Adirondack outdoor furniture and custom original furniture. Each piece a distinguished masterpiece! These are just a few examples of what Mike can do for you.

Contact Mike to discuss your particular needs and see what he can do for you!

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