Hand Hewn Beams

Mike takes great pride in reclaiming hand hewn beams from old barns and warehouses and refinishing them for your customized use. The beams are from old growth forests that disappeared decades ago. Mike seeks out the best beams and offers a wide variety of wood species and sizes. Here a just a few examples of the raw beams he obtains and how they can look when cleaned and finished.

Contact Mike to discuss your particular needs and see what he can do for you!

Just some of many stacks of reclaimed hand hewn beams we have available.

We have many sizes available…these are 12 inches.

These are examples of hewn two sides with one live edge wood beams in my family room.

This is an example of a finished hewn two sides with one live edge beam also in my family room.

These are examples of other homes that we have placed beams in.

These pictures show examples of our materials installed in various projects.  All of the wood shown except the tables and chairs were sourced from our broad selection – including the molding, paneling, floors, ceilings, and beams.

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