Log Cabins

Mike is proud to announce that Old Wood is adding “new” log cabins to his general offerings.  For many years Mike sought out and reclaimed original, abandoned log cabins that have been repurposed for private homes as well as rustic retreats in numerous resorts across the United States. That tradition continues and now Old Wood is also constructing new log cabins from reclaimed barns, warehouses and other out dated structures. With these log cabins you continue to experience the satisfaction of preserving America’s old and new growth forests while enjoying the unmatched beauty and strength of timbers harvested as much as 250 years ago.

Original, reclaimed cabins are typically delivered in original configuration but Mike is ready to work with the home owner to design and deliver components to expand the size and functionality of any original log cabin. These reclaimed log cabins are cleaned and inspected at Old Wood prior to shipping.   Any defective structural components will be replaced with reclaimed timbers and lumber closely matching the original structure. All of the logs are numbered and tagged for ease of assembly.

Old Wood’s log cabins from reclaimed timbers are designed by Mike or constructed from customized plans developed working closely with the new home owner. Either way you will be the proud owner of a log cabin suited to your functional as well as esthetic needs.

All of Old Wood’s log cabins are assembled at Old Wood prior to shipping to ensure all components are properly sized and fitted. The cabins come complete with numbered logs and thorough assembly instructions.

As with all products from Old Wood your satisfaction is guaranteed. Enjoy the gallery photos and contact Old Wood to ask questions or discuss your special cabin.

Below is an artist’s rendering of the new Dogtrot Cabin.  This log cabin is available now and can be customized a number of ways including floors, staircases, doors and much, much more.

Below is an artist’s rendering of Mike’s newest cabin. Please contact Mike for customization options.

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