Encapsulated Weathered Chestnut

American chestnut, extinct and only available as reclaimed lumber, is now available for a truly one-of-a-kind floor. This unique wood has a patina that can only come from long term exposure to the weather and is encapsulated to highlight its natural beauty. Encapsulation is a new finishing process developed by Mike Windhom’s Old Wood that allows use of this wood as a floor with no maintenance or durability issues.

Due to the chestnut blight that struck in the early 1900’s, there is no new growth chestnut available for harvest. This flooring lumber was reclaimed from old structures long abandoned. The chestnut’s strength and resistance to rot let it endure season after season unprotected from the elements, until it was recently discovered and milled to bring out its natural beauty.

This is one of Mike’s favorite wood species. Every board is unique; and when laid in your home you can be assured that your floor will truly be your own — it absolutely will not look like anyone else’s.

Contact Mike for more information about this radiant natural wood flooring.

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