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Mike Windhom’s Old Wood

4564 Spring Valley Road

Elk Creek, VA 24326

 Recent severe weather knocked out our telephone and fax lines.  Our new temporary number is 276.744-2747.  Thanks for your continued interest.

Phone: 276.744.2505

Cell: 804.824.1969

Fax:  276.744.2557


Please feel free to contact us about your need for flooring, weathered wood, hand hewn beams, tobacco wood, furniture, and beautifully recycled wood. We are dedicated to the preservation of our remaining old growth forests and sincerely believe they should be left as a legacy to our future. Our unique wood comes from tobacco barns, abandoned barns and warehouses and other structures as much as 200 years old! Not only is it environmentally responsible to recycle antique lumber, but the sheer beauty of the patina from reclaimed wood just can’t be replicated. Click here for directions to Mike Windhom’s Old Wood.

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