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Mike’s “Old Wood” Philosophy

We are dedicated to the preservation of our remaining old growth forests and sincerely believe they should be left as a legacy to our future. Our unique wood comes from tobacco barns, abandoned barns and warehouses and other structures as much as 200 years old! Not only is it environmentally responsible to recycle antique lumber, but the sheer beauty of the patina from reclaimed wood just can’t be replicated.

Our old barns, old barn wood and reclaimed lumber have been recycled into antique flooring (as well as contemporary flooring) in notable locations such as Reno and Las Vegas casinos and homes from California to Connecticut; rustic and formal furniture for home and office; hunting lodges from Virginia to Wyoming and many more uses in between.

We offer a broad range of wood species and sizes. We routinely obtain pine (narrow and wide plank, southern yellow and heart), fir, gum, oak (red and white), hickory, cypress, poplar, wormy chestnut, beech, elm, cherry and walnut. Flooring sizes range from 3 to 11 inches wide and up to 30 feet lengths. Wider and longer flooring may be available from time to time – call 276-744-2747 or email info@mikewindhomsoldwood.com your needs and we’ll tell you what we can do for you. We also offer hand hewn and sawn beams for your special needs. Sizes range up to 12x16 inches with lengths up to 40 feet. Larger sizes and longer lengths are sometimes available.

We also offer an excellent selection of interior and exterior natural woods. One of our favorite interior woods is circular sawn brown wood. This wood has not been exposed to the weather and possesses a one-of-a-kind original circular sawn patina. This patina simply cannot be replicated by modern lumber. Our exterior barn lumber includes silver-gray, faded red, faded white and weathered brown. Each of these natural woods has its unique beauty that may be perfect for your home.

Mike Windhom’s Old Wood is also dedicated to providing the best customer service possible. From discussing your needs to shipping the material, Mike is with you every step of the way. He works directly with the trucking companies to ensure on-time delivery and the best rates available at the time. Mike goes the extra mile to ensure his customers don’t feel abandoned. Check out the “Testimonials” link or contact Mike for additional references.


Enjoy the examples of Mike’s beams and lumber in the photos below and Contact Old Wood and see what Mike can do for you.

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