Spring is Coming!

Welcome Spring or make plans for a Summer project with a new floor for your home. Mike has three new floors ready for immediate delivery or buy now and deliver after the new year. All floors are kiln dried, milled tongue and groove and relief cut for stability. The boards are random length and width. Each one is bundled and ready to ship.

WORMY CHESTNUT: 653 sq ft; $6.00 per sq ft. Below are examples of what this wormy chestnut can look like on your floor:

WHITE OAK: 1,431 sq ft; $5.50 per sq ft. These are photos of white oak stair treads and flooring in a recent home update:

TOBACCO WOOD PINE: 660 sq ft; mostly wide boards; $5.25 per sq ft. Below are photos of a beautifully finished tobacco wood pine floor:

Give Mike a call at 276-744-2505 or email to oldwood@mikewindhom.com. He’d love to hear from you and discuss your unique needs.

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